Karloova produces textile baby toys and nursery furnishings with Nordic feel. All our textile baby toys are handmade, every stitch carefully made. We believe that babies creativity develops through play and hands-on experience.

Our mission is to support the development of children’s creativity and we do that through textile baby toys that center on developing three-dimensional thinking.


It is very important to us, that our toys are safe to play with. That's why we meet the European Union requirements and have CE-stamp on each product. Our fabrics are made of ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate.  The wooden parts of the toys have been sanded several times, and brushed up with a baby friendly Osmo sealant that is approved for chewing.


All of our textile baby toys have been made with love and expert knowledge of Estonian children’s physiotherapist Maarja Säde. This way we can support parents and offer confidence that our textile baby toys are age-appropriate and support your baby’s development. Experienced Estonian children’s physiotherapist Maarja Säde has given advice about different stages of babies’ development – so that we could be certain that the textile baby toy is age-appropriate and helps their development.


We believe in the necessity of recycling and use the surplus of clothing industry’s textile. We collaborate with Estonian clothing companies Sangar and Stenström, where we choose suitable textiles from their surplus for our products. We use them as our products’ finer details. This way each and every product of ours is unique and exclusive.


It is important for us when making toys to create something new and unique. When choosing material, we prefer Estonian designers and producers. That's why our production is local, we buy fabric from Estonian producers, also all our wooden elements are handmade in Estonia. We make toys with great care and love. We concentrate on finer details and try to notice the things a baby would notice. We are constantly improving our products in accordance with children’s needs and wishes. We wish to be companions for parents in noticing and supporting their children’s development.