Karloova has created the textile baby toy collection Little Prince and Little Princess as a more romantic addition to the main collection. The collection of textile baby toys uses pastel blue and pink hues, with lacy elements for added romantic feel. The shapes form a castle, and the magic wand that grants all the wishes is within reach.

Baby activity toys by Karloova encourage babies to notice the details. This supports the development of three-dimensional world-view. We have thought of every detail of our textile baby activity items in collaboration with a physiotherapist. We can be confident about which toy to recommend through different phases of your baby's development because of this. Remarks from physiotherapist are added to our products.

Large baby Activity mat, 120x120cm by Karloova

Large baby Activity mat, 100x100cm by Karloova

Small baby activity mat, 80x80 cm by Karloova

Textile baby "Cradle toy" by Karloova

Textile baby toy "Stars" by Karloova

Textile baby toy "Magic Wand" by Karloova

Textile baby toy "Comfort blanket" by Karloova

Textile baby toy "Comfort blanket" and "Magic Wand" by Karloova

Textile pillow "Star" by Karloova