Textile baby toy "Flag" by Karloova

Price 9,90 EUR

Textile baby toy “Flag” by Karloova is a rustling handmade flag that flies happily even in the smallest of palms because every new day is like a celebration. It’s possible to experience something new and exciting again!

The thin and light flag pole make the textile baby toy easy to grab for your baby, while also stimulating his or her fine motor skills and the development of eye-hand coordination. The toy’s sound (rustling of the flag) stimulates the development of your child’s auditory sense. The flag is a perfect toy for a baby who is still practicing grabbing. Since the baby toy is very light, the baby won’t be able to hurt him or herself with uncoordinated movements.

Additional information:
The product is suitable for your baby since birth
The product is handmade

The product meets the requirements of European Union’s CE-
Measurements: 9 x 12 cm
Fabric: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton
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