Textile pillow "House" by Karloova

Price 29,90 EUR

Baby pillow “House” by Karloova is handmade and offers support for the mother during the first months of feeding. The baby pillow House is a beautiful finishing touch to your child’s room. In addition to the decorative objective you can use the baby pillow House by Karloova to make being on his or her stomach easier and more likeable for your baby.

●  In the beginning, when the baby’s neck and back muscles are still weak and baby’s center of gravity is still high, it’s difficult for the baby to raise his or her head from the ground. If you place your baby on the pillow with the upper body (so that the baby’s upper body is higher than his or her bottom), then the baby’s body weight shifts downwards and it’s easier for the baby to raise the head in this position. Don’t forget to place your child’s elbows so that they would support him or her
●  The pillow has personalization options - we can sew the owner-s name on the doorway

Additional information:
The product is handmade
45 x 50 cm

Fabric: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton
For personalization - to add the baby’s name. Price 5 EUR

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I would like to add baby's name. Extra price 5 EUR
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