Textile baby toy "Pillow heap" by Karloova

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Baby toy Pillow heap by Karloova is a handmade textile baby toy that consists of three separate pillows that can be attached to each other with velcro. These is also a mirror and the toy makes pleasant rustling and jingling sounds. The baby toy Pillow heap has a ribbon that makes it more versatile. You can suspend it to an activity arch, baby buggy, or a cradle.

●  Pillows with different sounds stimulate Your child’s auditory sense development
●  The different sizes of the pillows help the child to understand concepts of smaller or bigger
●  The different colours of the pillows help to stimulate Your child’s vision sense development
●  The possibility of stacking and disassembling the pillow heap trains Your child’s hand coordination and develops their fine motor skills  

Additional information:
The product is suitable for your baby since birth
The product meets the requirements of European Union’s CE-stamp

This product is handmade
For personalization we can add the baby’s name. Price 5 EUR
height 15 cm; big pillow with a mirror 15 x 15 cm; medium rustling pillow 11 x 11 cm; small jingling pillow 8 x 8 cm
Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton
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I would like to add baby's name. Extra price 5 EUR
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