Textile baby toy "Comfort blanket" and "Magic Wand" by Karloova

Price 39,90 EUR

Textile Baby toy “Magic wand” by Karloova is handmade, makes jingling magic and grants all the wishes of a Small Prince and a Small Princess. It’s even possible to change the world with that!

Handmade baby toy “Comfort blanket” by Karloova has a grabbing hoop and it is a marvelous first toy for the baby as it offers versatile and fun ways to engage.

●  The Comfort blanket uses different textures in order to stimulate Your baby’s tactile (touch) sense development. The loops and chewing hoop of the sensory blanket develop your child’s fine motor skills and eye-hand-mouth coordination. It’s easy for Your baby to hold, touch and grab the baby toy “Sensory blanket” by Karloova, and it’s definitely an irreplaceable companion during teething
● The Comfort blanket has personalization options - we can sew the owner-s name onto the product
●  The thin and light Magic Wand is easy to grab for your baby, while it also stimulates his or her fine motor skills and the development of eye-hand coordination. The toy’s rustling sound stimulates the development of your child’s auditory sense. The magic wand is a perfect toy for a baby who is still practicing grabbing. Since the textile baby toy is very light, the baby won’t be able to hurt him- or herself with uncoordinated movements.

Additional information:
Products are handmade
Products are suitable for baby since birth

Products meet the requirements of European Union’s CE-stamp
Measurements of the package:
18,5 x 18,5 cm
Measurements of Comfort blanket:
28 x 28 cm
Measurements of Magic Wand:
9 x 15 cm
For personalization
we can add the baby’s name to Comfort blanket. Price 8 EUR
Fabric: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton.  Wooden ring (the teether) is handmade in Estonia. It has been sanded several times, and brushed up with a baby friendly Osmo sealant that is approved in EU for chewing.

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