We are very proud that our textile toys have met the requirements of European Union’s CE-marking. We are the first textile toys producer in Estonia who has applied for CE-marking.

When we are making toys for babies, the most important part in it for us is that they would be safe for the child. We have considered safety in all our choices – the toys have been made with quality organic cotton, wooden details have been made in Estonia and waxed with a special sealant. We realized in the beginning that if we want to start making toys, then our products have to meet the requirements of European Union and carry the CE-mark accordingly. That’s why we started with carefully reading the EL directive regarding toys’ safety and standardization. From there we learned how to make safe toys – which materials should to use, how wide and long should the toys’ ribbons be, what technique should we use for sewing, how we should pack and storage our products etc. We talked through all the details with a seamstress and so the prototypes of our first toys were born. In order to label them with the CE-mark, we had to send them to the Health Board for conformity assessment. The Health Board tries out the toys – their tensile strength, the seam quality, the suitability of the fabric, and other details’ conformity to the requirements. As a result of a long work we can assure that Karloova’s toys are of high quality and they conform to European Union’s strict requirements. All Karloova toys have the CE-marking on them!

What does the CE-mark mean for the buyer?

We believe that while choosing toys for children it is essential to check if the product has the CE-mark. Toys are one of the categories which needs to have the CE-mark in order for them to be allowed to be sold in the European Union. The CE-mark is a guarantee that a product meets the European Union’s requirements and is safe to play with for the child. This means that the materials may not contain any substances that are dangerous for children and that the products have passed the conformity assessment before launching. CE-marking is one of the most important things to check on toys when buying them for children. It’s an indicator for the buyer that the product is consistent with all important laws, especially with health, safety and environmental laws. It’s especially important to observe the CE-mark when buying toys for babies, so that the babies wouldn’t be unwittingly put into a dangerous situation. You can read more about the CE-mark here: http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/product/ce-mark/index_en.htm.

The CE-mark will be attached to the toy, it’s label or packaging in a legible and permanent way. Karloova’s products will also have the CE-mark on the label, next to washing instructions. There is also information about contacting us in case something happens with the toy. We are not afraid to advise that you check the label when you are buying a toy to ensure that the product really is safe before you give it to your baby.


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