We think we should talk about how we found our brand name. Right now it seems really easy and obvious and clear why company that started in Tartu’s Karlova district is called Karloova. But in reality we reached the name after a months-long search. They don’t say it without a reason that you should go further from home to get back there in the end. That’s what happened to us.

Our slogan says - Creativity for life. We are strong believers that the first few years in babies development are very imortant and that's where you start to build the child's creativity. We wanted our name to reflect that. And the name itself should have creativity in it. But the moment we started putting possible names on the paper, we had suddenly lost all of our creativity.

Naturally, we started out with putting our names together. It isn’t very creative and novel approach, but we had to try. We are not going to write the name that we got in here just in case, but you can imagine yourself, how Katri’s and Kaili’s first syllables sound when put together. We did not like that kind of humour, and we played with different Lo-Lo possibilities for weeks. We also underwent a thorough trip with creative names used again and again in Estonia. We were looking for a beautiful child’s name which would also mean something. Like Leidur (Finder) or Elev (Lively) or Tulev (Coming) or Loomet (Creative). And then we composed fun combinations of girls’ and boys’ names...

Unfortunately we didn’t get the name of our company that way. In the end we had a great idea of summoning a name-commune aka workshop. On one April evening a small company gathered around Kaili’s kitchen table. And after a short summary about what we were planning and what the name should mean for us, we found the name in 30 minutes!

Karloova is born in Karlova. There is creativity in Karloova. The fact that the letter V turned into a heart was a surprise, but a happy one to us. Really! This idea was born from heart and of course we are doing all of it with our hearts!

As the conclusion to our story, one can assume that there is something in cooperation that makes the creativity flow – Karloova’s name wasn’t born in cooperation without a reason. So, we are a combination - or a family, if you will - that helps the baby to find the beginnings of his or her own creativity.


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