It is a joy to make activity blankets for babies. But apart from the great design and nice fabrics, it is essential, that the blanket would be suitable for the baby. Also that it would develop his/her motility skills.

The most important and central part on the Karloova activity blanket is for the baby. There is a house next to the baby where we can sew the owner’s name. When you open the crackling door, you are welcomed by a greeting sign - WELCOME. There is a measuring tape on the edge of the blanket which you can use to keep an eye on your baby’s growth. The sides of the blanket are filled with activities – there is an envelope shaped like a rectangle with a round grabbing hoop, movable wooden buttons, crackling circle-shaped shapes that explain different sizes, and a rectangular mirror which the baby can use to get to know him- or herself. We offer basic shapes with different sounds for the activity arches that you can attach to the blanket, and you can set up or change them as you wish.

Our expert physiotherapist Maarja Säde offers suggestions what to do during the baby’s first months when the blanket is the main tool to guide the first conscious movements: “As they are born, babies’ heads are turned to either their right or left side, which means that the baby’s body position is asymmetric. Roughly around the second and third month the baby’s body position turns symmetrical, which means that your baby can keep their head on the center-line for a longer time – to look at you and talk with you and to smile to you. Your child is also able to consciously bring his or her hands to the center-line to touch the toy suspended in front of him or her. In order for those primary essential skills to develop, the baby has to have a stimulus as a toy or an interesting object.

The activity blanket is the best place for your baby to develop motility skills appropriate for his or her age. The toys in the center of the activity arch of Karloova’s activity blanket promote the development of your baby’s symmetrical body position, stimulate bringing hands to the center-line, and through that support the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. You can add and take away toys from the loops in Karloova’s activity blanket. In order to encourage your baby to look and bring their hands to the center-line even more, it’s better to remove interesting objects from the sides in the beginning, and to put just one toy on the baby’s center-line. As your child grows and develops, you can also add toys to other loops, so that the child would be interested in examining his or her surroundings, and then to to be interested in turning on their side and then on their stomachs. You can also change the toy suspended in the center-line with ease, if the child has lost interest in the object in front of him or her. Karloova’s activity blanket is suitable for your baby since birth.

There are extra edges on the activity blanket with toys on it. They make being on their bellies interesting for children, and through that they train the child’s core, neck extensor muscles, and shoulder area. If your baby enjoys being on his or her stomach, then in all probability, your baby will not have problems with learning the next important motor skills in child’s life – crawling and moving both on their hands and feet. Toys on the extra edges of the activity blanket give your child visual, tactile (touching), and auditory stimulation, thus stimulating visual, tactile, and auditory sense.

Karloova’s activity blanket’s pastel and harmonic yet contrasting colors stimulate the development of your child’s vision while not burdening their still developing nervous system.”

We wish creativity and imaginative games to you and your babies. Our baby blanket offers a lot of activity for little ones - you can arranges various games and activities on that.

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