Textile baby toy Ball

Price 12,90 EUR

Handmade textile Baby toy Ball by Karloova is filled with delightful sound. These is also a ribbon included that makes it possible to add the baby toy to baby buggy, cradle or to the baby activity mat.

●  The jingling bell stimulates Your child’s auditory sense development
●  The ball by Karloova has been made with contrasting colours in order to promote Your child’s visual sense development
●  Your child’s first grabbing and playing with toys could be relatively coordinated. The textile ball is easy to grab and is thus suitable for playing from early on. Because the ball is soft You can be sure that Your baby won’t hurt him- or herself because of their still-in-development motor skills 
●  As the child grows, You can use the textile baby toy ball by Kaloova for rolling or tossing games to develop Your child’s hand coordination

Additional information:
The product is suitable for your baby since birth
The product is handmade
The product meets the requirements of European Union’s CE-stamp
Diameter: 15 cm
Fabric: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate

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