Large baby Activity mat, 120x120 cm

Pric119,90 EUR
If you wish, we'll sew also the baby's name to product. The name is printed with a cinder in a width of 20 mm in a cotton fabric and then sewn. The extra price for it is 5 EUR.

Karloova's handmade activity blanket with activity arches and starry sky is meant for all little princes or princesses so that they could start getting to know the world. Karloova’s activity blanket is suitable for Your baby since birth.

Physiotherapist Maarja Säde says: Activity blanket with activity arches is the best place for Your baby to develop motor skills appropriate for his or her age. The toys that are in the middle of the activity blanket’s arch encourage the development of Your baby’s symmetrical position, stimulate bringing hands to the center line and through that support the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. You can add and take away toys from the loops on Karloova’s activity blanket. There are extra edges on the activity blanket with toys on it. They make being on tummy interesting for children, and through that they train the baby’s core, neck extensor muscles and shoulder area. If Your baby enjoys being on his or her tummy then probably Your baby will not have problems with learning the next important motor skills in child’s life – crawling and moving both on their hands and feet. Toys on the extra edges of the activity blanket give your child visual, tactile (touching) and auditory stimulation. Karloova’s activity blanket’s harmonic colors don't burden baby's still developing nervous system.

Extra information about the product:

Measurements: blanket 120 x 120 cm. There are 4 activity toys on the edges of the blanket: circles that make crunchy sound, mirror that is under a lacy fabric, wooden rings that the baby can pull and squeaky star that is hidden in the envelope. The blanket has a measuring tape at the edge of one side, so that you can keep an eye on the growth of the baby.

Color: blue or pink

About the activity blankets you can learn more from here.

Product has CE-marking on it, so it is made according to European Union toys safety requirements.

Fabrics that we use for the product are with GOTS certificate which means that they are made from organic cotton. We also use fabric leftovers from Estonian clothing industries.

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