Textile baby Cradle toy

Price 24,90 EUR

Handmade Cradle baby toy by Karloova is a very versatile textile toy that offer the baby joys of discovery and a lot of delight. Activity items support the development of depth perception. The toy has long ribbons on both side so you can suspend it anywhere – to an activity arch, baby buggy, or a cradle. That way you can offer some change for the baby, and also diversify activities on the activity blanket.

The toys in the center of the Cradle toy by Karloova promote the development of your baby’s symmetrical body position, stimulate bringing hands to the center-line, and through that support the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. 

Additional information:
Toy is suitable for your baby since birth
The product is handmade
The product meets the requirements of European Union’s CE-stamp
Colour: with blue or pink stars

Measurements: diameter of the stars 10cm, lenght of the toy 27cm, lenght of the ribbons on both sides 33cm. Lenght of the toy 93cm.
Fabric: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton.

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