Small baby activity mat, 80x80 cm by Karloova

Price 64,90 EUR - 114,90 EUR

The handmade activity blanket with activity arches and starry sky is meant for a little prince or princess, so that they could start getting to know the world. Karloova’s activity blanket is suitable for Your baby since birth.

Baby activity mat by Karloova is handmade in calm and harmonic yet contrasting colors that stimulate the development of your babies vision while not burdening their still developing nervous system.

Textile baby activity mat by Karloova:
● Activity arches - we offer basic shapes with different sound that you can attach to the baby play mat. There are 3 toys on the activity arches – a star (with a rattle), diameter 21 cm; a star (rustling) diameter 13,5 cm and a star (with a rattle) diameter 13,5 cm. You can set them up and change them as you wish. The arches attach to the baby activity mat with velcro so they are easy to remove as the child grows.

Baby activity mats are a joy to make but apart from the lovely Nordic design and nice fabrics in calm color palette it is essential, that the baby play mat would be suitable for the baby. And also that it would develop his/her motor skills.

We hope you have fun with your baby and our textile baby toys while enjoying imaginative play. Our textile baby activity mat offers a lot for little ones. In addition to the features you can also arrange various games and activities on it.

Additional information:

Baby activity mat is suitable for your baby since birth

The product is handmade

The product meets the requirements of European Union’s CE-stamp

Measurements: blanket 80 x 80 cm, activity arches 150 cm (both)

Color: blue or pink

Fabrics: Ecologic cotton with GOTS certificate, smaller details are the surplus of clothing industry’s cotton

Price: The baby activity mat without activity arches is 64,90 EUR, together with activity arches (with toys) is 114,90 EUR

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