Smaller activity blanket

Price of the baby blanket 64,90 EUR

Karloova's handmade activity blanket is meant for all little princes or princesses so that they could start getting to know the world. Karloova’s activity blanket is suitable for Your baby since birth.

Physiotherapist Maarja Säde comment: Activity blanket is the best place for Your baby to develop motor skills appropriate for his or her age. The toys that are in the middle of the activity blanket’s activity arch encourage the development of Your baby’s symmetrical position, stimulate bringing hands to the centerline, and through that support the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. You can add and take away toys from the loops in Karloova’s activity blanket. In order to encourage Your baby to look and bring his or her hands to the centerline even more, it’s better to remove interesting objects from the sides in the beginning, and put just one toy on the baby’s centerline. As the child grows and develops, You can also add toys to other loops, so that the child would be interested in examining their surroundings, and then interested in turning on their side and then on their stomachs as well. You can also change the toy suspended in the centerline with ease, if the child has lost interest in the object in front of him or her.

Extra information about the product:

Measurements: blanket 80 x 80 cm.
Color: blue or pink

About the activity blankets you can learn more from here.

Product has CE-marking on it, so it is made according to European Union toys safety requirements.

Fabrics that we use for the product are with GOTS certificate which means that they are made from organic cotton. We also use fabric leftovers from Estonian clothing industries.

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